Sewer System Backed Up or Failed?

If your sewer system has backed up or failed EarthBuster Alaska can remedy the problem quickly and pass the savings on to you. We can restore your drain field, no muss no fuss, without having to replace your entire septic system using EarthBuster's deep soil decompactor for a fraction of the cost of a new system.

Earthbuster won't fix every septic problem but it will fix alot of them. If you have any of these symptoms give us a call today at 907 590-1783.

  • Wet or soggy soil over your drain field
  • Black or dark grey ooze from the surface of the drain field
  • Fowl oders from the drain field
  • Sewage backing up or overflowing into your house
  • Gurgling sounds from your drain
These symptoms are common when your drain field is overly compacted or is not getting enough subsurface oxygen. Traditionally, septic service companies would take drastic measures to repair these things, ranging from adding a new drain field in your yard to tearing out your existing drain field and septic tank, and replacing all of it. These remedies could cost you anywhere from $5,000 to $40,000 or more, depending on what type of system you have. EarthBuster Alaska can fix it all by decompacting and aerating your drain field safely and quickly. This can save you alot of money and keep your yard looking good too!

EarthBuster ~ How It Works

EarthBuster was invented to break up the biomat in troubled septic drainfields, therefore restoring the percolation/leaching action to its original state. The EarthBuster drives a steel probe into the ground and injects blasts of compressed air through the probe to open fissures in the soil, through which water, air, and minerals can flow at an increased rate.

EarthBuster is the best solution for rejuvenating septic drain fields that are failing from either soil compaction or heavy build-up of septic biomat. The EarthBuster has a US patent and has been in service over 10 years. Many of the drain fields treated with the EarthBuster are still operating after all this time, and never required a drain field replacement.

Give is a call today at 907 590-1783 to find out more about this exciting process. EarthBuster Alaska offers free estimates and is licensed, bonded and insured.